Monthly WH Date with Friendly Fires & The XX

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last night Friendly Fires and The XX closed their tour at Webster Hall and they definitely went out with a bang. Quick recap:

- The XX sounded provocative and mysterious, just like I thought they would. I was kinda bummed the set was short...lasted 30 mins top.

-Friendly Fires were so much fun and energetic. You could tell they don't take themselves seriously. The lead singer did not stop dancing and the guitarist proceeded to jump off stage and into the crowd. There was not a soul that left the concert without breaking a sweat.

- My friend and I sat on the right speaker next to the stage. Prime real estate. Lucky me cause when I started dancing on top of the speaker for "Paris" the guitarist came over and jammed with me for bit. EPIC.

- Their encore was THE highlight of the show. The guitarist jumped on the left speaker, jumped into the crowd and tried to get back on stage through the right speaker, where I was standing. When the bouncer tried to help him up he lost balance and fell on top of the guitartist. Imagine a 300 pound dude on top of a skinny hipster. It was pretty hilarious. Of course, my camera died right before. So no money shot :(

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