Santacon-1, Me-0

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One of the things that I love most about New York City is that while 20 something year olds are getting married and having children in remote parts of the world (ahem, home) here we are still allowed to be immature and act like fools.

Santacon this year was INSANE. The annual Santa convention took place last Saturday, the 12th, all over the boroughs. I started bar hopping at 1PM down around Stone Street and was only able to make it up to the West Village because, let's just say, I needed to be put to bed ASAP.

If you live in the city and still haven't experienced it you are clearly missing out. What's better than dressing up, day drinking and meeting new people and/or bonding with old friends? Yeah, I can't think of it either.

A sea of Red and White

Breakfast! Oh boy...

Making a naughty list, and checking it twice

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