Weekend Field Trip

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I can't wait for the weekend to get here already because I've been dying to see the Kandisky exhibition at the Guggenheim and I think this weekend will be the weekend I finally make it!

About Kandinsky
Vasily Kandinsky (b. 1866, Moscow – d. 1944, Paris) was one of the pioneers of abstraction and great theorists of Modernism. His seminal pre-World War I treatise,
Concerning the Spiritual in Art, published in Munich in 1911 lays out his program for the development of art independent of observations of the objective world. Interested in synesthesia, and more particularly in the relationship between painting and music, Kandinsky strove to give painting the freedom from nature he felt in music. Kandinsky’s discovery of a new subject matter based only on the artist’s “inner need” would occupy him throughout his life.

See you at the museum.

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