Don't Be a Jerk, Johnny

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old pics from the Bowery Ballroom 1/13 show with The Drums and Surfer Blood.

Somehow all my Surfer Blood pics disappeared from my camera. WTF? Oh well. It was a good show. The Drums were OK. I expected more. Surfer Blood blew them out of the water (no pun intended). They are very young (the guitarist looked like he hadn't hit puberty yet) but I can only see them getting better at what they are doing. If you haven't heard them before, check them out here. Harmonix is my favorite track (which they dedicated to the late Jay Reatard, how sad).

Enjoy The Drums pics. Yes, they do look like American Apparel models. I don't know if we should trust bands that look like that. LOL.

The gorgeous Peggy Wang from The Pain of Being Pure at Heart joined the stage for "Don't Be a Jerk, Johnny"

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