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Sunday, January 3, 2010

So I'm back in New York City with a bittersweet feeling. I love this city but I can't help but feel sad of leaving my family and friends back home in PR. I was lucky I was there for almost two weeks.

The weather was perfect. It was hot, sunny and breezy. Basically the polar opposite of NYC. I got back today at 9AM (mind you, my flight was supposed to leave at 3AM) and was soon graced with a lovely wind chill factor of -1. Toasty!

Below is a medley of pictures from my trip. Enjoy...

Flying kites in El Morro

Cooling off with a Piragua

Africa unite

Caminando hacia Calle San Sebastian

Fachada de la iglesia

La Capilla del Cristo

La Capilla del Cristo

Christmas Decorations

House on my way to Camuy, small town in the northwest part of the island

Grandpa's pets....seriously.

South side of the island, driest part


Boats docked in Vieques, small island off the east coast

Palmas en Ocean Park

The surf was crazy all over the island, waves up to 20 ft (assuming bigger in the northwest)

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