Sunday Funday Brunch

Sunday, March 6, 2011

By far one of the best things about American culture is the invention of a new time to eat: brunch. Being from Puerto Rico a late breakfast consisted of oatmeal and juice. When I lived in Barcelona, people just didn't have breakfast. If they did, it was a piece of toast with coffee and cigarette in hand. However, here in the States people love to go have brunch, especially New Yorkers. Two places with a COMPLETELY different vibe and amazing food are Essex and Esperanto. So put these two in your to-do list based on your moods:

If you want to party while you eat, screwdrivers to be ever-flowing, big portions, occasionally spot a celebrity, check out good style, get together with a huge group and be in the middle of LES, go to ESSEX.

2. If you want to lay low, save some money (prixe-fixe brunch menu is only $9.99!), go somewhere busy but quaint, drink guava juice, have smaller portions, check out a hot host called Philipo, and feel like you are in a small restaurant on the coast of Brazil, go to ESPERANTO.

Eperanto pics taken from Yelp...I forgot to take pics while I was there.

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