Siempre Te Me Vas, Puerto Rico...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pero pronto volvere.

Spending time with the family becomes more of a privilege each year for me.  Life gets more hectic, "issues" get bigger and as a result less attention is given to the loved ones that made me who I am today.  Going back home made me realize that time is moving really fast, parents are getting older, slower, and my grandmothers are too.  One of my new year's resolution is to visit more often.  As you can tell from the pictures, it won't be that hard. 

palmera puerto rico

regis puerto rico

chinas del pais puerto rico

camuy horseback

This was my grandfather's garage at his farm.  Since his death, it has been abandoned since my grandmother couldn't tend the land and keep up.  This is what is left.  The hammocks are gone, where I used to swing for hours.  But the memory is still there and I guess that is what counts in life. 

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