Coachella Weekend 2 Photo Album

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Field.  106 Degree Weather. Riffs. Balloons.  Blue Skies.  Ferris Wheel. Water.  Main Stage. Gobi. Mojave. Sahara.  Hologram.  M83.  The Shins.  Poolside.  Guava Mimosas. The Hives.  The Weeknd.  Tents.  Sweat.  Calvin Harris.  Radiohead.  The Rapture. Dirty Converse  Sneakers. Kaskade.  Palm Trees.  Instagram.  Beer Garden.  High Waist Shorts.  Bracelets.  Justice.  Fire.  Snoop.  Music.  Friendships.  Memories.  Happiness.  COACHELLA.

 First Day!


 Cool mechanical flower

 Balloons changes colors each Day.  How did they do that??

coachella alesso

coachella m83
 M83. another level.

Beautiful skies 

 Our home for 3 days

coachella house rentals mansion amazing

first coachella poster ever


coachella different fashion
Being obnoxious with highlighter orange

 Sebastian Ingrosso

 David Guetta from afar.  No way I was getting in that tent

 Chillin before heading to the grounds

Coffee table book in our beautiful 70's inspired house

 The neighborhood


coachella 70's fashion

 Worth the $5 bucks

 Such a sexy Man.  The Weeknd. 

 Calvin Harris


  So long Indio...

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