Weekend Recap: Candlewood Lake

Sunday, June 3, 2012

This weekend was very relaxing on the outside and stressful in the inside.  My friend’s place at Candlewood Lake was so serene.  We took his boat out and cruised around the lake.  Visited big rocks to jump off of, found 50 ft. rope swings and cooked a feast that ended in jumbo s’mores.  Sunday, I spent walking around the Orchard Street Festival before getting soaked by an impromptu storm.  But I couldn’t’ stop thinking about back home. 
On Friday my cousin’s husband lost his little brother.  He was 27 years old and literally just died in his sleep.  His family is extremely close.  Four brothers with a love like no other.  The mom was so proud of them and so attached to them, as she should be.  Now the void that this has caused has changed their lives forever.  That mom will never be the same.  My mom’s birthday was on Sunday and unfortunately she spent it mourning this loss and going to a wake. 
The reason I write this is not to bum anyone out but to take a step back and reflect upon this. He was 27.  It just happened.  At this age we think we are immortal and our problems are usually extremely petty and superficial.  “Will this guy ever call me back?”, “I need this” , “I want that”.  If you were to die tomorrow, would be happy with the life you lived today?  What about your relationships?  When was the last time you told a sibling you loved them?  This really have made me think, maybe more than it should.  Hopefully it makes you think too.  Maybe it makes you want to do more with your life now or just look around and tell God “Thank you, for today, I am alive”.


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