Un Soir en Blanc at Bryant Park

Friday, September 20, 2013

Exhibit #527 for Why I Love New York City: Diner en Blanc

Truly magical event that I hope to participate in next year.  Definitely a headache to prep for (if you are a newbie, like I was this year), but definitely worth the experience.  

So, what do you REALLY need to bring with you to Diner en Blanc? I break it down, below:
diner en blanc bryant park nyc 2013

1. Seating Arrangements.  What will give you the most hassle is the darn table and chairs.  You can rent from somewhere in Bumble F*ck, Brooklyn but, ideally, bring your own.  And in a trolley.  Renting will cost you just as much as buying it, so not worth it. And then you have to return it.  Just get your own. Want to outsmart everyone even more? buy this or this.

diner en blanc dress bryant park

2. One Sexy Outfit.  I wore an oversized sweater over my dress (brrrr) so probably not the best example.  But it is definitely fun to dress up and do some people watching. So, get creative.  

diner en blanc nyc wine

3. Food and Wine.  I made the HUGE mistake of buying the Event Brite picnic basket.  It was overpriced.  Just bring your own stuff.  A nice assortment of cheeses, bread, fruit, a pasta salad and some type of protein will do.  The bigger the spread, the better; but you can get something fairly reasonable for $50.  You must buy the wine there but, if you bring outside wine, most likely, no one will notice. Just know that there are repercussion (like, it's illegal?).

diner en blanc table setup

4. Your Own Setup. You must bring a white tablecloth, cloth napkins, utensils, plates, corkscrew, and wine glasses. I saw very fun center pieces: real candles, gorgeous flowers, and even Christmas lights.  
You can put it all in the basket they ask you to bring.  Naw, seriously, you don't need a basket.  A white/beige bag will do. Also, bring trash bags.

diner en blanc new york

diner en blanc bryant park fun

5. Lastly, A Good Sense of Humor.  I'm not going to lie. This event was stressful.  I was carrying so much stuff, it took forever to be able to set up at Bryant Park, and the line to get the alcohol was astronomical (even more of a reason to jug a wine bottle). But, overall, the event was fun and carefree.  People are dancing, cheering and just enjoying being alive.  So, let go and enjoy the fact that you are FINALLY allowed to legally drink outdoors. At least for one night.  We'll take it.

diner en blanc bryant park

Au Revoir!  Until 2014.

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