It's 2014 ALREADY?! Resolutions

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yikes. Time is flying by.

I already wrote down my goals for 2014 and I am starting today. Did you? Last year I mainly stuck to them, which must mean I am maturing.  It took 28 years but, hey, at least it happened. ;)

My biggest achievement was definitely working out more.  As a result, my cracked knee cap and back started feeling better.  Miracle? Nope. Just the benefits of a small change.  I also crossed Thailand from my bucket list. The trip was magical, I made new friends and I finally got a glimpse of Asia.  I have some trips planned this year (one needs to be big) but I'm in savings mode at the moment. After the quick trip to Montreal, that is.

My friend posted this great article about 25 New Year's resolution every first-world twenty-something should make in 2014 (Elite Daily, I love you). It is actually pretty good, and on point.  Definitely check it out to jump start the year off right.

Also, I stumbled upon this new Spotify playlist of artists to look out for in 2014.  So so good.  Hope you enjoy the new tunes and cheers to a new year and a better YOU.

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