A Spanish Colonial Wedding

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last weekend, the first of the nine girls I used to hang out with in college got married.  It was a wonderful reunion, full of laughter, memories and dancing.

 The wedding was elegant and classic, just like the bride.  The decor was mainly white but the room was illuminated with purple and pink lights.  It helped accentuate the breathtaking architecture of the Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico, where the reception took place. 

A few pics are below for your viewing pleasure.  I didn't have a real camera so the iphone pics will have to suffice.  I am in the market for a small, powerful but fairly affordable camera, so if you have any suggestions please send my way.

My Bond.

The couple's table.

I loved the glass plates with gold trim.  

The intricate walls.

La Vie en Rose.  Que vivan los novios!

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  1. Gorgeous! Sometimes it takes a way more creative person to just a white wedding and with that venue, who would want to distract anyone from it?


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