Quick Bite: Quick Dijon Chicken Recipe

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love hearty healthy meals that only require some cutting and a baking dish.  

All you need for this is 6 small red potatoes, 3 smashed garlics, a bag of organic chicken drumsticks, a dollop of dijon mustard, a tbsp of honey, dried provencal herbs, 3 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 1/3 white wine, salt and pepper to taste. 

Plop everything onto a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil, mix everything in and place in a 350F oven for about an hour.  Done and done.


  1. YUM! This looks amazing! And what beautiful pictures!

  2. yum!! how easy and delicious sounding AND looking!! =D

  3. Ooh boy this looks delicious. It's only 6am and I'm already craving dinner.

    Thanks for stopping by Pursuit.

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