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Sunday, January 10, 2010

If you are a fan of day drinking (like myself and %99.9% of 20 year-olds) then read on.

Last Saturday I hopped on the L to Williamsburg to meet about 30 friends in the Brooklyn Brewery. The place is cheap (6 beer tokens for $20 bucks) and it is easy to have fun, play drinking games and just enjoy good beer. They have around 6 different beers to choose from and if you are looking to get drunk fast order the Blast, which has a 8.5% alcohol content.

Address: 79 North 11th StreetBrooklyn, NY 11211-1913(718) 486-7422

The night wouldn't have been complete without going to Radegast Hall & Biergarten. Now that place is legit and the bratwurst was so good. With the frigid cold outside and the huge beer mugs inside you really feel like you are in Germany.

Address: 113 North 3rd StreetBrooklyn, NY 11211-3923(718) 963-3973

If the past weekend is a taste of what 2010 will offer then it looks like it'll be a very good year.

BK Brewery pics taken by Ryan Hall (check out his other pics. Amazing.)

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