Bonafied Lovin' a la Chromeo

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost every time I go to Terminal 5 I go with the mentality that I am going to a ragin' party with live music. Everyone is always dancing, there are tons of bars all over the venue and the beats are contagious. Last night was no exception, Chromeo took stage and delivered a pretty good show. I got there a bit late so they had already started. They sounded great live and the stands for the keyboard and synth were ridiculous. They had the female leg stands that grace one of their albums.

Overall the show was fun, what made it not over the top EPIC was that it was pretty short and they finished with an OK song. P-Thug and Dave 1, always remember that you gotta go out with a bang! It doesn't matter, I still love you and would see you again a heartbeat.

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The only pic I took of Chromeo. I was too busy dancing.

Another ticket stub to add to my concert frame. Which reminds me, I need to buy a bigger frame...

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