Monday, February 7, 2011

Today I received my invitation for NYFW Fall 2011!

So excited to have the opportunity to go again. I'm going to go see the Derek Lam show. It's a bit of a red eye since it's at 10AM on Sunday. The travesty! What I mean is that Saturday I should take it slow and not go out. Last Fashion Week I proceeded to go out the night right after the Charlotte Ronson show (which BTW was not good) and ended up losing my camera at the universal burial ground: the cab. So this time I'm a bit paranoid. Can you blame me? Therefore, my to do list for Saturday night will be: 1) To not bring my camera out if I do go out and b) Just not go out cause that will lead to drunkenness 4AM karaoke.

Anyways, pretty happy to be able to dress up and surround myself with people worthy of being stared at. Which is by far my favorite New York pastime.

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