Eat.Here.Now: I Sodi (West Village)

Friday, July 8, 2011

I will never get tired of Italian. This is not only me of course; every New Yorker is the same. It is the food that is most imitated and most desired. So, it's easy to separate the good from the bad and the good from the extraordinary. My visit to I Sodi was just that, extraordinarily delicious.

Tucked in Christopher street, I Sodi provides a fine dining experience but with a very relaxed feel. The waiter sat us at the bar and I spent the night getting wine suggestions and partaking in good conversation. The food was simple and fresh, much like what I imagined Tuscan food to be.

The pasta dishes are available in half portions, which is brilliant. Another great thing is that the kitchen is opened till midnight so eating at 11pm is doable and highly recommended.

- Toasted crostini brushed with lard (you heard right) and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes
- Thinly sliced raw artichokes with slivers of parmesan, drizzled in olive oil
- Pasta Vongole
- Branzino with sauteed spinach (very different kind of sauteed spinach, trust me)
- Chocolate Ganache with bits of graham cracker

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