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Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you love food and consider yourself a proud locavore, then you must check out this new website.  New York Mouth finds the best locally made products and makes it easy for you to buy them online. They currently have around 65 local NY shops/artisans offering a slew of delicious products.  Some very unique, like Bacon Toffee Bar.  Better yet, they have beautifully put together gift "baskets" that are perfect for friends and family.  Check some out below and definitely check out the website!

The Good Guest- Perfect for a housewarming party 

Father's Day Taster - how manly :)

Choco-lot Taster- YUMMM

New York Mouth is part of Mouth Foods, an expanding network of local indie food commerce sites. 
Look for other "mouths" to open soon.

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