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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey There Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. Ok, ok, Caffe Storico is on the Upper West Side, but work with me here.  It reminded me too much of Gossip Girl so I had to go THERE (sorry).  

I hardly go up to the UWS, mainly because I live in the Financial District; and let's face it, all the action happens downtown.  Nevertheless, a few weeks ago I decided to step inside The World Above 59th Street (yes, I unlocked that Foursquare badge) to meet my aunt and cousin for brunch.  They had picked out the place because the restaurant is owned by Stephen Starr, owner of Buddakan and Morimoto (a.k.a it had to be good). 

The restaurant was located inside the New York Historical Society (so snobs, unite! KIDDING). The ambience and people were lovely.  The ceiling was strikingly tall and the decor clean, crisp and chic.  Lots of white, beautiful china on display, and a pop of yellow for the seating.  The baked eggs in a spicy tomato sauce was well worth the acid reflux.  After our entrees, we ordered the assortment of Italian cookies.  Definitely recommend.  

I realize not a lot of people venture to the UWS if you don't live there but definitely recommend this for a girls brunch.  One where you want to dress up all prim and proper, a la Blair Waldorf.  Blood Orange Mimosas included.

caffe storico nyc

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