The Good, The Bad, The UGLY: My 4th of July

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July was...errr...eventful.  Definitely one I'll remember forever.  It was great.  The battle wounds, not so much.  Let's break it down in the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

The Good

Contrary to every weather report in the New York City metro area, yesterday was sunny and absolutely beautiful.  I was peer pressured by a friend to wake up bright and early to take a bus to Sparta, New Jersey (after 3am shenanigans at Union Pool).  Sleep?  Who needs that. Anyways, the bus ride through
 lovely suburbia was worth it because Lake Mohawk was perfect. I was taken to a tiny island right in the middle of the lake (more like a floating house) and upon arrival I was given a number. 254.  This meant there had already been 253 people in the island before me.  The place was like Swiss Family Robinson.  We ate real American cuisine (hot dogs), drank the Buds, swam, laughed and blobbed ala Heavyweights (which will reappear in the UGLY).  

The Bad

There wasn't a lot of bad.  The ride back to NYC was a bit uncomfortable (for reasons you will understand) and the bus was packed.  We missed the 5:30pm bus so had to take the 7:30pm.  We pulled into Port Authority right as the fireworks started.  The poor attempt to run to a building in Chelsea and raid a rooftop failed when the rooftop alarm went off.  Which meant 7 screaming kids running down a 5 story walk up.  By that time I had given up, was in pain, and limped my way back to the A train.


Things I learned from the blob:
1. Life is not like the movies.  Catapulting 15 feet in the air, regardless of pre-teen popular belief, can lead to injury.
2.  You can create a massive egg-like bump in your forehead by hitting it with your knee.  The skull will be fine, but your knee? Not so much. 
3.  A 1:4 weight ratio between the launchers and the human projectile could be dangerous.  Just saying.

The video speaks for itself.  Enjoy, cringe, laugh, gasp, your choice.  God bless America.


  1. looks like soo much fun!

  2. haha sounds fun :)


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