Vintage Finds: Original by Robert

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

While walking back home from a rainy brunch day I stumbled upon a gem.  A vintage store. The ever flowing window display of vintage Chanel earrings, YSL bracelets and big bohemian rings caught my eye.  The shop was filled with vintage jewelry placed not one centimeter apart from each other.  An organized chaos. After talking to the owner, a very knowledgeable man from Iran, this Original by Robert brooch caught my eye. 

Original by Robert is a staple in the vintage world.  It began in New York City as The Fashioncraft Jewelry Co. and was renamed Robert Originals Inc. in the early 1960s. The jewelry can date back to the 40's, and from the design of this, I would say it was definitely inspired by that era.  I am in love with my art deco brooch (soon to be necklace pendant).

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