Small Ways to Brighten Stressful Workdays

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Being busy at work is a good thing, but being I-can't-eat-luch-because-I-have-an-85-page-deck-due-tomorrow busy is not.  Long work days can make anyone feel sluggish, burnt out and depressed. Us New Yorkers know it all too well.  But, are there things you can do to feel better when work is just not slowing down? Of course.  Here are a few small pick-me-ups you can do to keep you sane.

Small Ways to Brighten Stressful Workdays- A quick list of effective pick-me-ups to improve your stressful workday.

Pay it forward.  

You may be having a shitty day, but rest assured there is someone else having a worse day than you.  Doing a small act of kindness can not only change someone’s day entirely around but be good for your soul.

Check off something from your personal list.

We all have that personal to-do list that keeps growing rather than shrinking.  When I feel stressed, I look at my personal list and find time to cross the smallest thing off.  Even setting up your doctor’s appointment can calm anxiety.

Take a 15-minute walk.  

Sitting down for long periods of time has been compared to smoking: it can kill you in the long run.  Go outside and breath some fresh air.  Your sanity will thank you for it.

Beautify yourself.  

Makeup has been scientifically proven to lift self-esteem and I don’t find it hard to believe.  Even the smallest of treatments can make someone feel prettier.  Mani, pedi, eyebrows and even a face mask at home can feel perfectly indulgent.

Call someone you care about.  

Being busy makes me feel like I am losing touch with the people that matter the most.  To help you stay grounded, find the time to call someone you care about from your past.  An old friend, cousin, mom, dad, grandmother.  I’m sure any of them would be ecstatic to hear your voice on the other end.  

Catch up on ZZZs.

Do not turn on your computer and go right to sleep after work (if you get in late, of course). Chances are you’ll sleep better and will have more energy in the morning.  Take at least a day a week and go off the grid for a night. 

Plan a trip.

Living in the present is the single most important thing you could do in your life, but nothing is more exciting than experiencing something new. Planning a trip is a great way to see light at the end of a tunnel, regardless of how long or narrow that tunnel is.  It can be as small as a weekend getaway or big as a trip to Machu Pichu.  And you don't need a boyfriend either.  A good friend with a similar travel mentality is all you need.

What about you? What pick-me-ups have you used to improve your mood?

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