The Weekend Detoxer: Cold Press Juice Recipe

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I don't know about you, but the World Cup has taken over my weekends.  I wake up on Saturday, finish some errands and then meet up with friends to watch the games. This weekend, I had a girls brunch at Yotel Hotel and then headed out early to watch the Colombia vs. Uruguay game.  By this morning, after too much bacon, chips and mimosas, I was exhausted (and a bit hungover).

When I've had one of these weekends, nothing feels better than detoxing for a day.  Sure, my body may crave a burger, but eating that would just make things worse.

Today, to treat my body right, I made my favorite cold press juice, which I call The Weekend Detoxer.  It is pretty sweet, to aid with the sugar withdrawal from the alcohol (I hope you know why) and provides vital nutrients that my body craves.

I try to make enough to at least have ready for 3-4 mornings.  

Recipe is below.  Cheers!

whole fruits detox juice beets

detox cold press juice for hangover

juicer after juicing cleaning mess

Weekend Detoxer Cold Press Juice:

- One large beet
- Five apples 
- Two oranges
- About five large carrots

Cut into 2-inch pieces.  Start juicing.

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