A Reunion With New Orleans: Photo Diary

Monday, July 14, 2014

Way way way overdue but I had to share my photo diary from my reunion with the most magical city in the world. I am so happy to be able to call New Orleans a city that I've lived in.  Going to college here was like a dream. 

 I hadn't been back in SIX years (blasphemy) and it still gave me butterflies in my stomach.  New Orleans, you are like fine wine, only getting better with age.  Until next time. 

 Oh hi, Jackson Square.

WORD.  Camelia Grill.  A can't-miss place.

A Reunion With New Orleans: Photo diary of my favorite city
Jazzfest 2014

A Reunion With New Orleans: Photo diary of my favorite city
  Jazzfest 2014

A Reunion With New Orleans: Photo diary of my favorite city
I really wanted to take these back with me. Unfortunately, I live in a 300 sq feet apartment in Manhattan.  


A humid day around the French Quarter.

 Pit stop at Sucre to refuel.  We rented bikes in the French Quarter and rode them all the way Uptown via Magazine Street, with the end goal to eat our crawfish at The Boot, the bar where I wasted most of my spending money.  How I graduated with good grades is a miracle. 

My favorite shop to buy some hot, fresh crawfish: Big Fisherman! I would GLADLY work there.

Hot crawfish, cold Strawberry Abita and the faint smell of cigarette and old beer at The Boot.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  

Other spots I visited while in New Orleans:

Dick and Jenny's. Authentic Cajun food.  A staple of New Orleans and a truly great place that will never disappoint.  The food is spectacular and the vibe is great. The gumbo was insane.

Cochon.  Hip and fairly new restaurant in the Warehouse District.  The food was great but Dick & Jenny's definitely beat it.

Cure.  A swanky cocktail bar in the least swankiest street in New Orleans pre and post Katrina.  Freret Street used to be dangerous but now it has been revived with hipsters, numerous cool restaurants and a bar like this. Yes. Times, they are a-changin.

Shopping at Royal Street. My favorite store to shop New Orleans treasures is at Royal but I can't remember the name! All I know is that is filled with ceramics and has a courtyard. I never forget to go and buy the coolest NOLA gear.

Storyville.  Fresh-pressed t-shirt shop in Magazine Street

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