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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I really like when bloggers post their favorite links because that's what the internet is all about, finding random things and sharing them.  Here are my top links for the week.  As you can see from the below, I really stuck to mindless internet surfing this week.  Next week I'll dive into real problems, such as income disparity, regulating the banking system, Romney's tax plan and unemployment.  Promise.

- Some people may think Olympians are not average people (I mean are they???) but that doesn't mean that they won't embrace crazy trends and be completely and utterly girly.

- Wondering what you can do with those plain white mugs from the $1 store? Here is a great idea by a lovely New Orleanian.

- Can Harley Viera Newton be ANY cooler?  The socialite, DJ and New York it girl just did; with her kick-ass blog.

- Mindy's site may be a little bit  But at least she is trying to make a difference in this world.  I say, you are sexy and you know it, girl!  
Do check out the Poverty & Unemployment picture.  It brought the LOLs, big time.

- Someone just came up with an easy idea that will make decor-concsious hipsters pee their pants and him very very successful.  Kudos Josh, kudos.

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