Rachel Zoe Ready-to-Wear: BANANAS

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The very much pregnant Rachel Zoe recently unveiled her new clothing line that clearly reflected her love for vintage, menswear, boho and all things glam. A little excerpt from the Style.com article perfectly describes the inspiration for her line:

Zoe is a vintage fanatic, and she makes no bones about going into her own closet for inspiration. Last month's presentation stirred up a little Internet brouhaha when it was revealed via Twitter that one of her new Fall dresses is almost identical to a vintage dress she styled in a Teen Vogue editorial several years ago. "I've been subconsciously building this collection in my mind for a long time," Zoe says now, adding, "There are a million vintage pieces that have inspired me, and every other designer in the world." And Zoe is taking the designer thing very seriously. Resort 2012 is already wrapped up, she says, and she's hard at work on Spring when she isn't prepping what Anne Hathaway will wear when she takes the stage as co-host of this year's Oscars. Spoiler alert: It won't be Rachel Zoe. "If you're gonna use couture," the multitasking mom-to-be says, "it should be at the Academy Awards."

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