A Day at The Met

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Everyday in New York City can be a day to be a tourist even if you live here.  For me, it never gets old.  I've been to The Met many many times and every time I go I find a new painter I like, a new hall I haven't visited and a new reason to keep going back.  No matter what, I always have to pass by the Impressionist and  Post-Impressionist gallery.  How I wish to have lived in Paris in the late 1800's and meet all of these amazing painters.

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  1. now that is freakin awesome!!!

    p.s.thank you so soooooooo much for your comment and constructive criticism about our photographs!you are absolutely right about the quality of our photographs, we are bothered by it more than anyone else. we are our own photographs and we are still learning..any advice is more than welcome and very appreciated!!:)))xoxo


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