Staycation: LIRR to Westhampton

Monday, August 13, 2012

This past weekend was perfect.  The weather cooperated, I rested, I was with amazing people in a great house with a never ending supply of food and beer.  It was my guy's birthday and a few of us headed to  West Hampton.  The highlight of the weekend definitely was the bonfire we built while watching the meteor shower on Saturday night.  The sky was clear, no city light in sight and suddenly, a shooting star with a tail so long that it took half the sky.  The comets lasted a second each but the memory will stay with me much much longer than that...

 Houses lined up along the beach..

 It was rough out there.  Very rough.
Light beach reading

 This is what happens when you get a perfectionist to assemble the Caprese salad.  I needed it to look perfect!
 Hamptons sunset through the kitchen screen
 Bonfire at its peak.

 My last meal at John Scott's Surf Shack. Lobster roll and a pina colada.
One hour delays on the LIRR on Sunday afternoon.  Needed to be consoled with ice cream.

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