21 Day Challenge

Friday, September 5, 2014

One of my favorite bloggers, Juley from Upperlyne, recently did a 21-day detox challenge that I thought was pretty interesting. 

I've decided to try it out myself since today marks a few things:  First, Labor Day just passed and summer has unofficially ended (nooo).  Second,  I just came back from a glorious 12-day adventure in Peru (more on that soon). And last but absolutely not least, my boyfriend is moving back to England momentarily since his visa ran out (nooooooooo).

With so many things going on, I feel like I'm in need of some small positive changes in my life, and what better time than now?

Things I'm working on or would like to accomplish/change by September 25th:

  • Live frugally.  I just came back from a trip that opened my eyes to how others live.  These people would be considered "poor" by the average American.  Hardly no electricity and certainly no TV.  Clothes sown by hand, houses made out of grass and blankets weaved from their sheep.  In spite of all, they were happy.  It opened my eyes immensely to the benefits of a simpler life.  I am a product of my environment so I don't expect turning into Buddha, but a little simplicity would do me good.
  • Wake up early(ish). Not every day, but at least 3x/week.  No later than 6:30am.  It really does make a difference when you've felt like you've accomplished something before the typical workday starts.
  • Run.  In July, my brother came to visit and he gave me a speech on how I needed to be more active.  I am skinny but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am fit.  For over a month, I had been running in Central Park.  Now that I am back, I want to make it at least a 2x/week routine.  Ideally three.
  • No electronic devices after 10pm. That means computer, TV and mobile. I am copying this one from Juley herself.  This one is going to be hard.
  • Finish my jewelry.  The holidays are coming and I want to have my Etsy shop updated.  I have so many pretty unfinished pieces.  
Wish me luck.

4,000 meters above sea level. Lake Titikaka.

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